Wireless Charging

Convenient wireless charging devices that can be easily integrated into a variety of surfaces. 

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  1. Fully-featured, dual wireless charger with USB Type A and Type C charging ports.  

    • Each wireless charging pads deliver 10 Watts for fast charging of Qi-enabled devices. 
    • USB Type A and C ports delivers18 Watts wired charging for smartphones and tablets. 
    • Two-colour indicator to show charging status. 
    • Simple installation- only requires to a single mains socket for the power supply. 
    • Anti-theft security options: fixing bracket with cable clamp, lanyard, adhesive pad. 
    • Powered with 12VDC adaptor with interchangeable tips and 1.5m DC cable. 
    • Dimensions: Width 7.68" (195mm), Height 3.45" (90mm), Depth 0.56" (14.35mm). 

    TA-8250 I ChargePort Duo SPEC[2647].PDF

  2. This On-Desk Qi Charger provides the highest specification wireless charging for your guests. It is fully WPC Qi certified to guarantee maximum device compatibility. A high-performance 10 watt wireless charger provides excellent time it takes your guests mobile devices to charge. Simple to install and place on the nightstand or desk space, for security we have developed a security ring to secure the charger and PSU to furniture.

    • Fully compliant with the latest Qi standards, Qi Certified
    • Compatible with all Qi enabled devices
    • High power (10 watts) means fastest charging for compatible phones
    • Can charge almost twice as fast as a standard 5 watt wireless charger
    • Simple installation, just requires plug socket for USB power plug.

    Neo2c On-Desk-Qi-Charger Specification.pdf

  3. This 10W Qi Fast Charger provides the highest specification wireless charging for your guests. It is fully Qi Certified to WPC Qi V1.2.4 to guarantee maximum device compatibility. As a 10 watt device, the In-Desk Qi Charger will minimise the time it takes your guests mobile devices to charge. The charger is easily fitted to any surface with an 86mm diameter hole and a thickness between 17mm and 40mm. As it mounts virtually flush with the surface it maximises the usable surface space for your guests, yet is still easily identifiable as a wireless charging point.


    • Compatible with all Qi-enabled devices. 
    • Wireless Fast Charge for various devices.


    • Simple installation in appliances, furniture and public facilities.
    • Requires drilling a 90-91mm diameter hole from above or below surface. 
    • 1.5M DC 4.0 charging cable included. 
    • Dimensions: 90 x 24.6mm


    Neo2c In-Desk-Qi-Charger Specification.pdf

  4. Wireless charging stand with 33W PD USB-C and USB-A fast charging

    • Fast Qi wireless charging (Single) supports up to 15W
    • Charge three devices at the same time
    • Small foot print
    • USB-C port supports max. 30W PD charging
    • Power delivery 3.0
    • USB-A port supports max. 15W charging
    • Smart Power distribution
    • Made from 100% recycled plastics and earth-friendly packaging

    Charges three devices, powerful, eco-friendly Qi-certified Charge Station III Wireless Stand delivers in a compact design.


    Neo2c ChargeStation3 Specification.pdf

  5. Hotel Alarm Clock With Qi Wireless Charging, Dual USB Outlets And Bluetooth Speaker
    10W Qi Wireless Charging 

    • 2x USB Outlets 
    • Bluetooth Speaker 
    • Single Day Alarm 
    • Auto Day Light Savings 
    • Customizable 
    • Security Features 

    Choose between our classic JetWay Black or the bold WarmWalnut finish.


    • Qi Certified Fast 10W Wireless Charging
    • 2x USB with a 2.4A Fast Charging plug


    • Bluetooth Speaker

    Hotel Ready

    • Convenience 
    • Simple Set, Single Use Alarm
    • Lightsleeper™
    • Dimmable Display

    Setup & Maintenance 

    • One-Time Set 
    • Auto-Day Light Savings 
    • Self-Charging memory backup
    • No backup battery to replace 


    • Security
    • Tamper-proof time settings 
    • Tamper-proof power disconnect 
    • Security Tether 


    • Jetway™ - Black housing, gloss black display 
    • WarmWalnut™ - Light taupe housing, walnut finish display 

    Nonstop Station A Product Sheet v5.0pdf.pdf

  6. Alarm clock with rotating Qi Wireless charging pad and Dual USB outlets. 

    • 2x USB Fastcharge Outlets 
    • Single Day Alarm 
    • Auto Day Light Savings 
    • Security Features

    Guest Friendly Charging

    • Qi-compatible, wireless charging pad that can rotate 180 degrees around base
    • Qi certified, 7.5W Qi wireless charging
    • Two front-facing, fast-charging USB ports to charge mobile phones and tablets
    • Minimalist design makes it easy for guests to use


    • Full alarm clock features with snooze and gradual-wake built-in chime (beeping sound)
    • Single-day alarm prevents previous guests' unwanted alarms from sounding
    • Display backlight dimmer control and 12/24 display mode options
    • DST switch for automatic daylight savings time adjustment
    • Backup battery for clock


    • Security lanyard
    • PSU securing guard

    Neo2c ChargeRise Hotel Specification.pdf

  7. Bedside alarm clock with Qi Wireless Charging, Bluetooth speaker and dual USB Type A and Type C charging ports. 


    • Factory pre-set clock

    • DST switch to automatically or manually adjust clock at start and end of Daylight Saving Time


    • Single Day Alarm so guests only wake to alarms they set

    • Wake to Bluetooth audio or built-in tones • Sure Alarm battery backup sounds alarm even when power fails


    • Stream Bluetooth audio wirelessly from Bluetooth-enabled devices


    • Qi wireless charging pad for compatible devices such as new Apple iPhone X and iPhone 8/ 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy 8 and more

    • Two USB charge ports to charge mobile devices 1 USB Type-A: 12W 1 USB Type-C: 18W

    Additional Features

    • Stereo speakers in Reson8® chambers for room filling sound

    • Volume limiter switch to adjust for large and small rooms

    • Single day display dimmer with 8 brightness levels

    • Printed instructions on cabinet for easy guest alarm setting

    • 100V - 240V universal AC adapter include

    Neo2c HW5 Spec.pdf

  8. A modern bedside alarm clock with Bluetooth speaker and multiple charging ports. 


    • Dual top-facing high power USB Type C and USB Type A charging ports. 
    • QC 3.0 compliant rear USB port for quick charging of connected devices. 
    • Optional wireless charging pad can be attached.
    • Super capacitor - eliminates the need for a battery. 

    Alarm and Clock

    • Full alarm clock features with Snooze and gradual wake up volume. 
    • Single alarm clock with 12/24 setting. 

    Audio Streaming 

    • Bluetooth to stream audio wirelessly from smart devices. 
    • Compatible with any A2DP Bluetooth devices. 
    • Attached 3.5mm line-in cable on rear.
    • Digital FM Radio. 
    • 6.5W optimised power for distortion-free volume. 


    • Display dimmer
    • Antimicrobial plastics for keypads and controls with metal speaker grill for easy disinfection. 


    • Security lanyard and PSU securing guard.

    Neo2c Sound Rise II SFQ-16 Specification.pdf

  9. Hotel Alarm clock with Qi wireless charging.


    Alarm and Clock

    • Wake to buzzer
    • Easy-to-set alarm with printed instructions on cabinet. 
    • Single Day Alarm feature prevents unwanted alarms from sounding. 
    • Sure Alarm battery backup maintains clock setting and ensures alarm wake time in case of power failures. 
    • Gentle Wake wakes guest with gently ascending alarm volume
    • Snooze button
    • Factory Pre-set clock
    • Automatic daylight saving time adjustment
    • Single Day Dimmer resets Dimmer setting every day. 
    • Snooze/dimmer button controls 8 levels of display brightness. 
    • Hidden buttons prevent tampering with time settings.


    • Qi wireless charging pad for compatible devices.
    • Two 10W USB ports in front of cabinet for rapid charging of mobile devices. 


    • Security tether for theft deterrent. 

    Neo2c HW2 Spec.pdf

  10. The Nonstop Station W is a stylish hotel alarm clock and charging station with two front-facing USB ports and a 10W Qi wireless charging tray. Designed for the modern hotel, it includes features that are both hotel- and guest-friendly.

    • Qi-certified, fast, wireless charging
    • High power (10 watts) means fastest charging for compatible phones
    • Super capacitor - eliminates the need for a battery 
    • Simple-set, single-use alarm
    • Lightsleeper™ feature allows guests to turn off display light
    • Dimmable display
    • Easy one-time set
    • Automatic daylight savings time changes
    • Self-charging memory backup means no backup battery to replace
    • Tamper-proof time settings and power disconnect
    • Security tether
    • Inset card for charging tray allows for custom branding

    Choose between our classic JetWay Black or the bold WarmWalnut finish.



    Neo2c Non Stop Station W Specification (1).pdf





    • Width:     6.5” (165mm)
    • Depth:     5.0” (127mm)
    • Height:    2.3” (61mm)
    • Weight:    1.75 lbs (794 g)


    • FCC certified compliant
    • UL listed power supply
    • Qi Certified
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