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A range of Bluetooth speakers from leading manufacturers catering to the needs of today's hotel guests. 

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  1. Hotel Alarm Clock With Qi Wireless Charging, Dual USB Outlets And Bluetooth Speaker
    10W Qi Wireless Charging 

    • 2x USB Outlets 
    • Bluetooth Speaker 
    • Single Day Alarm 
    • Auto Day Light Savings 
    • Customizable 
    • Security Features 

    Choose between our classic JetWay Black or the bold WarmWalnut finish.


    • Qi Certified Fast 10W Wireless Charging
    • 2x USB with a 2.4A Fast Charging plug


    • Bluetooth Speaker

    Hotel Ready

    • Convenience 
    • Simple Set, Single Use Alarm
    • Lightsleeper™
    • Dimmable Display

    Setup & Maintenance 

    • One-Time Set 
    • Auto-Day Light Savings 
    • Self-Charging memory backup
    • No backup battery to replace 


    • Security
    • Tamper-proof time settings 
    • Tamper-proof power disconnect 
    • Security Tether 


    • Jetway™ - Black housing, gloss black display 
    • WarmWalnut™ - Light taupe housing, walnut finish display 

    Nonstop Station A Product Sheet v5.0pdf.pdf

  2. Bluetooth clock radio DAB/DAB+/FM speaker with Security and LED light. 


    • Single day alarm
    • Customisable maximum volume
    • Customisable Bluetooth name
    • Guests can select their pre-stored favourite stations 
    • Security and safety lock  
    • User guide


    • Large LCD display to show the time, alarm settings and radio information.
    • Wireless audio streaming by connecting devices via Bluetooth. 
    • Powerful JBL Pro Sound. 
    • Fabric cover which complements any decor.
    • Selection of alarm tones.
    • Easy-to-use rotary control knob to set and snooze alarms, adjust the volume or turn the ambient light on and off.
    • Two convenient USB A ports for charging devices. 
    • Dimensions (W x H x D): 178 x 162 x 75.7(mm) /7.0” x 6.4’’ x 3.0

    Neo2c JBL Horizon 2 DAB Hotel Specification.pdf


  3. Hotel Bluetooth clock radio with USB charging, ambient light and security fitting.

    Multisensory Alarm Clock with LED light

    Dual independent alarms for you and your partner. Choice of FM Radio, original digital alarm tones, or music streamed from a Bluetooth device. LED ambient light helps to wake you gently. LCD display automatically adjusts brightness to suit room lighting.

    JBL Stereo Sound

    Rich, room-filling stereo sound from a compact package. Enjoy JBL sound whether using as an alarm clock or a Bluetooth speaker.

    Bluetooth® Streaming

    Streams music from any Bluetooth®-enabled phone, tablet or music player. Compatible with all smart devices.

    USB Charging

    Two independent USB ports provide fast charging (1 amp) for up to two devices.

    Compact, Attractive Design

    Rounded lines and compact form complement any décor. Soft, rubberized finish. 

    Neo2c JBL Horizon Hotel Specification (3).pdf

  4. Full-featured waterproof Bluetooth speaker your guests can take with them everywhere.

    Wirelessly stream music via Bluetooth for up to 5 hours of continuous JBL quality sound. With its new IPX7 waterproof design, GO 2 gives your guests the opportunity to bring their speaker poolside, or to the beach. GO 2 also offers crystal clear phone call experience with its built-in noise-cancelling speakerphone. Crafted in a compact design GO 2 instantly raises your style profile to all-new levels.


    •  Wirelessly stream high-quality sound from a smartphone or tablet. 
    • 5 hours playtime supported by the rechargable built-in Li-ion battery. 
    •  IPX7 waterproof design makes GO 2 perfect for worry-free listening by the beach or poolside, or even in it. 
    • Guests can enjoy crystal clear audio during calls. 
    • AUX-IN for when Bluetooth is not available. 
  5. Qi wireless charging bedside alarm clock with USB charging port, Bluetooth and speakerphone.

    Alarm and Clock 

    • Clock Display Dimmer
    • Wake and Sleep
    • Alarm Clock
    • Time Sync - Clock adjusts automatically to time on connected Bluetooth device. 


    • Horizontal or Vertical Wireless Charging for Qi- enabled devices. 
    • USB Charging Port which can charge another device simultaneously. 


    • Bluetooth Streaming for wireless audio streaming and calls- includes a speakerphone with digital voice echo cancellation and talk/end controls. 

    iHome SmartButton

    • Allows control of lights and thermostats from popular makers and works seamlessly with iHome Control SmartPlugs. 



  6. Convenient Bluetooth room speaker with an upright design and small footprint which allows wireless audio streaming. 


    • Dual fast-charging 2.1 Amp USB power ports to charge smart devices. 

    Alarm and Clock

    • Easy-to-use single alarm with sliding switch. 
    • Automatic Daylight Savings Time updates. 

    Audio Streaming 

    • Bluetooth to stream audio wirelessly from smart devices. 
    • Compatible with any A2DP Bluetooth devices
    • Attached 3.5mm line-in cable on rear and FM Radio. 
    • Max volume limited. 


    • Display dimmer on the SNOOZE/DIMMER bar. 
    • The minimalist and contemporary design fits most decor and does not take up much space.
    • Available in grey or black. 


    • Security lanyard and PSU securing guard.

    Neo2c SoundRise Hotel Specification (2).pdf

  7. Classic alarm clock and bedside speaker to complement a modern lifestyle.


    • Dual high-current USB power ports to charge mobile phones and tablets. 

    Alarm and Clock

    • An easy-to-read dial and easy-to-set controls.
    • Precision quartz movement with continual, smooth-sweep motion for silent operation.
    • Non-digital clockface reduces unwanted lights and glare for a peaceful stay.
    • Full alarm clock features with snooze, gradual-wake volume, and choice to wake up to Bluetooth, line-in, or built-in alarm chime
    • Backup battery for clock

    Audio Streaming 

    • Bluetooth 4.2 to stream audio wirelessly from smart devices. 
    • UQ3 sound enhancement processing. 
    • Custom monophonic driver for balanced audio, natural bass, and vocal clarity. 
    • 3W optimized power for maximum distortion-free volume. 


    • Security lanyard and PSU securing guard. 

    Neo2c SoundRise Classic Hotel.pdf

  8. Conveniently compact Bluetooth speaker with USB charging. 

    Ideal for Guests

    • Pair and play easily to stream audio from any Bluetooth compatible device up to a range of 10 metres. 
    • Tone control and custom full range drive with monophonic playback.
    • Bluetooth auto re-pairing feature is disabled so only the current user can pair to the Sound Spot in their room. 


    • USB 2.1A charging port to charge a wide range of devices.


    • Unique, compact design that will fit on any nightstand leaving ample free space. 


    • Secured fixed mains lead and security lanyard are added to the rear of the Sound Spot. 

    Neo2c SoundSpot BT Speaker Specification.pdf

  9. Unique hotel alarm clock with a Bluetooth speaker and dual fast charging USB ports for charging smart devices. 


    • Single-day alarm
    • Automatic Daylight Savings Time updates. 
    • 2 x front-facing fast charge 2.1 Amps USB ports.  
    • Bluetooth enabled to wirelessly stream audio from Bluetooth-enabled devices. 
    • 3.5mm line-in AUX for wired audio. 
    • FM Radio included. 
    • Back-up capacitor (no batteries required). 
    • Integrated security lanyard to secure the unit to furniture
    • LED display with dimmer switch. 
  10. Smart speaker with a built-in alarm clock and wireless charging that can be controlled using a smartphone App which is a suitable compact sound system for use within rooms. 


    • Two-way speaker delivering a 12 Watt output for high quality sound. 
    • DAB+ or TuneIn internet radio. 
    • Audio can be streamed wirelessly through Bluetooth, Apple Airplay 2 (Apple devices) and Chromecast with the Wireless network providing access to over 300 streaming services. 
    • 3.5mm Aux for wired connection. 


    • Wireless charging compatible with Qi-enabled devices. 
    • 1 x USB Type A charging port. 


    • 66 x 218 x 148 mm (Height x Width x Depth)
    • 1.2 kg (weight) 
  11. Surround guest rooms with high quality sound by streaming audio through this compact, powerful and easy-to-use JBL Bar 2.0 All-in-One soundbar. 


    • Single HDMI, ARC or optical cable connection. 
    • Built-in Bluetooth to easily stream music from smartphone or tablet.
    • Dolby Digital, JBL Surround Sound and a smart sound mode delivers incredible sound with deep bass. 
    • Total speaker power output: 80W Soundbar output power (2 x 40W). 
    • Includes Remote Control and wall-mount bracket with screws. 


    • W x H x 😧 614 x 58 x 90 (mm) 
    • Weight: 1.61kg
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