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Comprehensive and flexible options for power and charging. 

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  1. ChargePort Duo is a fully featured, dual wireless charger which also provides USB Type A and USB Type-C charging.  For your peace of mind and to ensure safe and reliable wireless charging, ChargePort Duo is fully Qi-certified.

    The wireless charging pads can deliver up to 10 watts each ensuring the fastest charging time for guest devices, while the USB ports will deliver up to another 18 watts to charge phones or tablets.

    Simple and quick to install, ChargePort Duo is supplied with a range of security options including bracket, lanyard and adhesive pad. ChargePort Duo looks great on the guest room bedside table or desk and is available in black or white.


    • Small footprint.
    • Each wireless charging pads deliver 10 Watts for fast charging of Qi-enabled devices. 
    • USB Type A and C ports delivers18 Watts wired charging for smartphones and tablets. 
    • Two-colour indicator to show charging status. 
    • Simple installation-only requires a single mains socket for the power supply.
    • No cutting into furniture or electrical work required. 
    • Anti-theft security options: fixing bracket with cable clamp, lanyard, adhesive pad. 
    • Branding options and a great promotion point.
    • Powered with 12VDC adaptor with interchangeable tips and 1.5m DC cable. 
    • Dimensions: Width 7.68" (195mm), Height 3.45" (90mm), Depth 0.56" (14.35mm). 


     Neo2c ChargePort Duo SPEC.pdf

  2. PullThrough Pro Charger USB A and Type-C 

    PullThrough Pro 3-in-1 Charger BLK BRND

    PulltThrough Pro 3-in-1Charger Combination Cable single Power source to support USB A and Type-C. All Pull-Through products come with a DeskCard which allow you to advertise, supply guest information, or provide instructions.. Branding options are available.

    Enhance Guest Experiences

    The PullThrough Pro is the perfect companion for presenting multimedia cables. Add a guest-facing HDMI connection using this stylish black or silver cable holder. 


  3. Stylish 2 Gang screw-less socket with USB A and C. Available in a wide range of colours. Please contact us for more options and information.


    • 4.8 amp Dual USB A and C sockets
    • Screwless fix trims - Simple installation- push-to-fit to easily fit and no screws required
    • Screw fix trims – Simple installation with screws showing
    • Stylish and various colour schemes and decor
    • Easy cleaning
  4. On-desk power station with four faces that can be configured to a range of power outlets as needed by users. 


    • Four plug socket faces, RJ45, HDMI outlet and dual USB. 
    • Multi-faces allow easy access to power outlet from all sides. 
    • Multi-usage and simultaneous charging make it ideal for meetings and guest rooms. 
    • Flame retardant ABS plastic body.

    Set up

    • Freestanding on-desk power station so no fixings are required.
    • Alternatively, this module can be fixed to a desk using an 80mm grommet hole fixing and is secured using a simple screw fit mechanism. 


    • Available in black or white. 
    • Plug sockets can be customised with UK and international sockets. 
    • USB port options: twin port 2 x USB A or twin port 1 x USB A and 1 x USB C. 
  5. Compact product to add two extra power outlets and two USB charging ports to your rooms.


    • Two power outlets which are available in UK, EU and US plug configurations. 
    • Two USB ports: 1 x 2.4A and 1 x 1.0A
    • High-current and fast-charging USB port supports most smart devices including those requiring higher USB charging current. 
    • Can be installed into furniture and other case-goods.
    • Wall cut-out dimensions: 135 x 71 mm. 
    • Self-contained unit. 
    • Simple installation- connect the power cord and plug into an available mains power socket.

    View our bespoke finishes here


    TA-7530UK-UKN3_Spec Sheet 2UK.pdf

    TA_7530 International PowerHub-1 (3).pdf

    TA_7530 Trim Option International PowerHub.pdf

  6. Easy-to-access international power outlet.


    • Customise the type of outlets- US, UK or EU sockets are available and optionally an Ethernet jack or USB charging ports.
    • Flush-mount into dry lining or case-goods. 
    • Minimal wiring requirements means easy installation.
    • Two trims available: Matt black or a brushed steel look. 

    PowerHub Extender_INT with Option Single Power (5).pdf

    PowerHub USB Extender & Mini-Clip 2.pdf

    View our bespoke finishes here


  7. Mount full enclosed power and charging sockets into a range of surfaces. 

    • Fits flush in furniture and case goods for conveniently located sockets for power and charging. 
    • 2 x Universal AC Outlets. 
    • 1 x USB type C and 2 x  USB Type A ports for charging multiple devices. 
    • Available trims in rubberised black or metallic charcoal. 

    TA-7540U_PowerHub_USB_C Universal.pdf

  8. Mount compact power and charging sockets into a range of surfaces. 

    • Fits flush in furniture and casegoods for conveniently located sockets for power and charging. 
    • Universal AC socket with shutter. 
    • USB type C and USB Type A ports for charging multiple devices. 
    • Simple Installation- fit into prepared cutout and plug the power cord into a wall socket. 
    • Available in soft touch black or white with various trims. 

    TA-7541U I PowerHub Mini SPEC.PDF

  9. Standard combination USB Type C + A  charger including overload protection. 


    • Dual USB C & A PD 45W QC 18W Amp Sockets. 
    • 50x50mm
    • Back box depth 37mm+ 
    • Screw less fix trims - Simple installation- push-to-fit to easily fit and no screws required. 
    • Screw fix trims – Simple installation with screws showing. 
    • Stylish and various colour schemes and decor. 
    • Easy cleaning. 

    Please contact us to enquire about trim and colour options. 

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