Modular & Mini-Clip

We specialise in working with designers, contractors and consultants to deliver a unique range of power, media and charging solutions which are practical, innovative and scalable to accommodate the full service guest experience. We offer fully customisable configurations, finishes and design. 

3 products

  1. USB, HDMI and AV modules which can be used to build customised panels.


    • Can be mounted into wide range of furnishings, casegoods and partition walls.
    • Modules for AV, CAT6 and USB Charging/Passthrough available in black or white. 
    • Standard Euro Modules. 
    • High Power 2.4A USB module with Smart Charging. 
    • Compatible with PowerHub using the Extender trim. Add power sockets with USB or Ethernet.
    • Designed to the standard Euro Clip specification with 25mm and 50mm modules
    • Easy to assemble basic module- modules simply clip into the 50mm carrier / trim. 
    • Mini-Clip Desktop Housing can be used to secure Mini-Clips on desktop. View this product here
    • Alternatively, power sockets can be included by using the extender trim with PowerHub.

    Please specify the module type required when requesting quote. 

    View our bespoke finishes here

  2. Secure your chosen MediaHub Mini-Clips to the desks and nightstands in the guest rooms to provide guests with more streaming and charging options around the room. 

    • The Mini-Clip Desktop Housing can house up to four 25mm modules or two 25mm modules and a 50mm module.
    • Quick and simple assembly: Clip modules into the front of the Desktop Housing in the order you require. Attach the cables and secure the rear cover.
    • Option to keep the unit free standing or attached to the desk or nightstand using either screws, adhesive pad or lanyard for security.
    • Black, brushed metal finish complements the Mini-Clip modules perfectly.
    • Dimensions: Width: 4.53’’(115mm) , Height: 2.7’’(67.24mm), Depth: 2.9’’(72.88mm).

    Please click here to view the range of MediaHub Mini-Clips. 

    View our bespoke finishes here

  3. The flush-mount adapter plate and trim combines TeleAdapt PowerHub USB and Modular US Power Outlets for the hotel room. 2 trim options are available in matte black and brushed steel. 

    • PowerHub presents two easy-to-find guest-facing power outlets. Available with choice of US, UK or EU sockets and an optional ethernet jack or USB charging ports. 
    • Easy design which fits into case-goods or dry lined walls. 
    • Easy to install with minimal wiring requirements. 
    • Modules can be interchangeable. 
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